China's China gasoline output in Mar, 05-06 05 update.

The gasoline output hit a new record in Mar,was 6.29 million tons.

BEIJING(Chinaoilweb): The National Bureau of Statistics said,gasoline output in Mar hit a new record to 6.29 million tons,up 17.97% considerably on month,and output rate was 21.15%,has close to the highest record 21.16%.

The industry insider said,due to the domestic gasoline inventory was been continued consumed quickly,the two big Group have begin to inform each refinery to increasing the gasoline output,which made the refinery have initiative to work,also driving the month output of Mar close to the highest record over six-years.

The fisrt quarter in 2009,gasoline accumulated output was 16.88 million tons,up by 7.5% on year,despite the volume of crude oil processing was down aroud 4.46% on year,as well as during this period,output has been moved up as the output rate rise.

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