China's China fuel oil output decreased more than 20%, 05-19 01 update.

china's fuel oil output was increased for Mar,crued oil processing up as well from last month.
BEIJING(Chinaoilweb): National bureau of statistics said,china fuel oil output was 1.52 million tons,cut 21.5% on year,but grow from last month by 9.56%.
The record shows,bitumen and oil coke output were both grow obviously by 43.8%,16.3% respectively on year,meanwhile domestic fuel oil output rate was 5.19%,much lower than 6-7% of average level over the past.
National Bureau of Statistics figures showed,domestic fuel oil output was accumulated 4.39 million tons between Jan-Mar,decreased 26.4% on year,and the crued oil processing was 82.12 million tons,dropped 4.5% on year.
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